Private dining with friends in the comfort of your own home
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“People who love to eat are always the best people.” If you are friends with them, you are truly fortunate. You would always want them around, that even if the idea of private dining at home seems daunting, you would invite them still. Welcoming them to your house is just a great way to celebrate your friendship.

“Let’s have dinner” are the three words you’d be grateful to hear from a dear friend. But, as opposed to eating out, eating at home can deepen your friendship more – your friends feel honoured to be invited and you can spend more time catching up with them. Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating out, time spent discussing what to order from the restaurant’s menu should instead be spent on meaningful conversations.

Considering an intimate get-together at home might be overwhelming, but with proper preparations and with the right help, it can also be lots of fun and surprisingly rewarding (just think you won’t have to do the dishes after!) Dining at restaurants here in Singapore may actually end up even more browbeating. Aside from the complexities of choosing from the menu, food may sometimes be unpredictable, the service questionable, and the drinks bill most unwelcome.

Your private dining can be high-powered or low-key as you like – froma formal dinner table to a casual patio setting. Regardless of your choices,what’s important is that you are relaxed while entertaining your friends whom you want to go home with a smile on their face.

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