Decorating tips from one of the top caterers in Singapore
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When I design and conceptualize private catering events for Fine Palate, I add my personal touch. I really enjoy handling the events myself and I particularly like discussing the set-up and decorations with my clients. As one of the pioneers and top caterers in Singapore, allow me to share some tips on how you can modify your space to create the atmosphere and set the mood for your private gathering at home.

1 Pick the best location in your house that will suit the occasion. Aside from your dining area or living room, you may also want to consider your backyard or garden for a more relaxing view and scenery.
2 Decide on a motif or color scheme and be sure to match your tableware, lights, and décor with the color scheme. Colors evoke feelings and trigger change in emotions so use them wisely to wow your guests. For formal events, darker colors, like blue and purple, are more appropriate. For festive ones, choose vibrant colors like pink, yellow, or orange.
3 Create mood and set the tone for your event with lighting. For soft and dreamy lighting, you can use candles or elegant lampshades and install string lights or low-wattage bulbs. For a

lively environment, why not get strobe lights or even lasers that you can sync with your music?
4 For the table décor, you can add a centrepiece. Aside from candles or lanterns, you can also have a vase of flowers. And none is fine, too, especially if you’re having a feast and your main course setting is enough to be a centrepiece.

If you’ll soon be hosting a gathering at home, hopefully you now have some new inspiration and ideas. And if you are inspired, but still looking for the perfect way to hold your event, give us a call at 6463-1671 or you may visit our gallery to view some of the events we’ve had the pleasure of arranging.


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